Children want gadgets not toys for Christmas

Wednesday 17 November 2010

It will come as no surprise to parents that children are turning their backs on traditional toys this Christmas in favour of the latest high-tech gadgets.

According to the Duracell Toy Report, the ten most wanted toys for this Christmas among children aged 5 to 16, include the iPhone 4, iPod Touch and iPad. Approximately 39% of children quizzed wanted Apple gadgets this year, with 17% of 5to 8 year-olds, 50% of 9 to 12 year-olds and 66% of 13 to 16 year-olds all putting Apple items at the top of their lists.

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Meanwhile, the top 10 toys for Christmas 2010, according to the report are:

1) iPhone 4
2) iPod touch
3) iPad
4) Kinect for Xbox
5) Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters / Kung Zhu Hamsters
6) Flip Video Camera
7) Toy Story 3 Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear
8) PlayStation Move
9) LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 Video Game
10) Barbie Video Girl


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