Have a Dredd-ful Christmas

Tuesday 18 December 2012

The Chrismologist's Advent Calendar - Day 18

I've been sitting on this news for a while, but since Judge Dredd Megazine #331 is in newsagents as of today I can at last announce some very exciting news.

I've written a Judge Dredd story!

Yes - you read that right - I really have written a Judge Dredd story!

Now, admittedly, most people spend years writing for 2000AD (or the Megazine) - first working on Future Shocks, or Tales from the Black Museum, and then, if they're lucky, developing series and characters of their own - before being let loose on the House of Tharg's premier strip. I've yet to even have a Past Imperfect story appear in 2000AD, but I've snuck in the back door, as it were.

Regular readers of the Megazine will know that in recent months short fiction has made a reappearance in the monthly mag, so I got in touch with editor Matt Smith and... the rest is history.

What genuinely surprised me was that Psimple Psimon was my first pitch, and the first draft was accepted as finished. (That said, it was an idea I'd had filed away for a long time.) So why not pick up Megazine #331, and check out my story for yourself. It's got everything you'd want from a Dredd story: violence; puns; and pithy put-downs.

Now, what to do for a follow up...?


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