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Wednesday 17 December 2014

Ever wondered why robins are so connected to Christmas, what the significance the gifts of the three kings are in the Nativity story, or why you are forced to eat Brussel sprouts with your Christmas dinner? If so, then Christmas Explained: Robins, Kings and Brussel Sprouts is the book for you this Christmas.

Christmas Explained also answers these timeless Christmas questions...

Why do people put up Christmas decorations?
Where does the Christmas wreath come from?
Why are mince pies eaten at Christmas time?
Why are carols sung at Christmas time?
When was there a Frost Fair on the River Thames?
Why are reindeer so associated with Christmas?
Why is fish eaten on Christmas Eve?
What was the first Noël?
What have holly and ivy got to do with Christmas?
What is a Christingle?
Who made the first Christmas cracker?
Why do people go to pantomimes during the Christmas season?
What is wassailing?
Who was Good King Wenceslas?
When, and why, was Christmas cancelled?
When did war stop for Christmas?
Why do people build snowmen?

I was actually on BBC Radio Wiltshire this morning, fulfilling the role of their Mr Christmas, helped presenter Simeon Courtie get to the bottom of such festive practices as Christmas pudding, kissing under the mistletoe, and Boxing Day. You can listen to the segment using BBC Radio Wiltshire's listen again service here. (You want to start at 31 minutes in.)


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