Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree - The Chrismologist's Christmas Quiz 2014

Tuesday 23 December 2014

Here's a bit of fun to entertain the family this Christmas. Play the following video (with the volume turned right up to 11) and see if you can answer the questions below. Or, even better, split into teams and see who in your family knows the most about Christmas carols and popular festive songs.

Question 1
What is the name of this Christmas carol?
Bonus point – Who is playing all of the instruments?

Question 2
Who is singing with Bing Crosby here on Little Drummer Boy?
Bonus point – What was the year?

Question 3
Which band had a number 2 Christmas hit with this song in 2003?
Bonus point – Which song beat them to No. 1?

Question 4
What is the name of the group singing this song, first recorded in1982?
Bonus point – What is the name of the song?

Question 5
What is the name of this Christmas song?
Bonus point – Name either of the singers.

Question 6
Which character sings this song in the 2013 Christmas movie frozen?
Bonus point – Who is the singer?

Question 7
Who is this singing in 1969?
Bonus point – What is the song they are singing?

Question 8
Who is this singing Jingle Bells in 1995?
Bonus point – Which festival was the song originally written to celebrate?

Question 9
Which Christmas carol is this from 2010?
Bonus point – Which band was the singer in during the 1980s?

Question 10
Who is this singing One More Sleep ‘Til Christmas?
Bonus point – Which 1992 Christmas movie is it from?

(Answers to follow on Boxing Day.)


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